Barberries are shrubs with thorny stems whose leaves are oval with clustered yellow flowers. Barberry branches have many thorns; the fruit is oval and red in color and also has a sour taste. Barberry fruit is edible; it contains citric acids that increasingly help the iron absorption of body.

Due to B vitamins, barberries reduce anxiety and aggression. They purify and detoxify blood, regulate the digestion system and improve liver and kidney diseases. Barberries reduce nausea and kidney stones; they are also useful remedies for treating diabetes and obesity.

There are two types of barberries. The first one is Dane Anari. These types of barberries are collected early in the harvest season and spread on the ground to dry. The second type of barberries are Pofaki barberries. They have better color and appearance and are more expensive than Dane Anari barberies due to the length of drying time.

Barberry (Small)

Weight : 200-250 gr
Box dimensions : 10cm * 5cm * 20cm
Mother box dimensions : 44cm * 31cm * 22.5cm
No in each mother box : 24 Pcs

Barberry (Bulk)

Weight : 5-6 kg
Box dimensions : 37.5cm * 26cm * 18cm