Gohar Saffron Import-Export GmbH Company, managed by Mr. Khazaee, was established in 2018 in Hamburg, Germany. Having received the required permissions, it started the routine activities in Germany. You can see all related information below:

Registration Nr: 150535 (fall 1), Amtsgericht Hamburg

Tax Nr: 50/725/00980

Customs Nr: DE706741353994899

It should be mentioned that Gohar Saffron Import-Export GmbH Company meet demands through Gohar Saffron Co, It is one of the biggest companies in exporting Saffron.

The Gohar Saffron Co has been certified for conformity with, the international ISO 9001 for Quality management systems, the international ISO FSSC 22000 for food safety management system and HACCP for Hazard analysis and critical control. As far as the importance of purity and freshness of the red gold “saffron” are concerned, it has applied the most rigorous and through quality management system.

It collects Saffron directly on farms and then transfers it hygienically to store. After doing physical, chemical and microbiological experiments in company’ laboratory and verifying the standard quality, it sorts, packs and sends it to the target market especially Germany, so this company is the leading provider of saffron and dried fruits products for the German counterpart.

Saffron cultivation goes back to 3000 years ago. It is a spice used in many cultures by adding flavor and color to food, desserts and drinks. It is by far the highest-priced flavor in the world. According to FDA, using saffron is permitted as a natural coloring agent. Using very small amount of saffron (0/1 gr) is recommended daily to adults consuming as the natural flavoring or adding to foods